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Our Services
We are a logo design and brand identity office located in Athens. Our clients include companies from varied industries. With a long history we are experienced in brand development, design and evolution of spaces and all of the printing process. Our services reach all of the branding, logotype, naming, peripherals and illustration design.
Our aim is to cover all aspects of our client’s communication needs. We consistently invest in the latest technology to bring quality, speed and value to our customers. Specialized in offset printing, screen printing, short to medium run commercial and publication work.
To know more about us and new ways we can help you, please call us to set up an appointment. Find our phone numbers is the contact page, or if you prefer e-mail us at info@cellathens.com

Visual identity & logotype
Brand strategy and development
Communication strategy
Corporate and brand name
Naming, Tags
Social Media
Peripherals and signage
Package design
Sales peripheral design
Digital material design

Offset printing
Screen printing
Digital printing

People who trust us
Our clientelle includes: Interwood S.A., LG Electronics, National Univercity, Hellastat S.A., Passalis S.A., Pfizer Hellas, Novartis Hellas, Electric Railways, Underground S.A., Waffle House, Zoggolopoulos Foundation, War Zone, KMOP, Headway, Borbilas S.A., Valef Yachts, Diastasis S.A., New Colonial, Paron Energy, Spyrides Group a.o.